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V vegetarian

Vg vegan

VgO: Vegan Options available

lg low gluten

lgO: Low gluten option available

Please consult the servers and discuss your dietary needs, we will try and accommodate you, to the best of our capabilities

To get you started

Arancini Balls

Also called sartùarancina,  supplì or riso frittata, the arancino has been a part of traditional Southern Italian cuisine for several centuries

You can choose from a variation on

  1. Mushroom and truffle oil V
  2. Mozzarella and Napolitano V
  3. Khichudi a recipe of lentils and rice V,Vg

for 3 pc $9

for 6 pc $15


Bruschetta is an antipasto (starter dish) from Italy consisting of grilled bread rubbed with garlic and topped with olive oil and salt. Stems of the recipe can be traced back to Ancient Rome

You can choose from a variation on

  1. Fresh Tomatoes, Basil and Feta V,VgO
  2. Prawn Aglio e olio
  3. Toasted colored Peppers with processed Cheese with shallots baked (an Indian favorite) V
  4. Butter Chicken 


Chicken Wingettes

Wings were considered only for stocks and sauces until about 1960’s when the region of Buffalo started competing with each other and had many variations served in their Pubs

You can choose from a variation on

  1. Southern Fried Wings
  2. Bourbon and Bar BQ Wings
  3. Asian infusion Wings

Choice of
3 pcs $10,
6 pcs $18,

Crumb Fried Fish Fillet

This story takes us back to the British era in undivided Bengal. The Bengali’s love for fish gave birth to this classic fusion dish, inspired by Fish and Chips. Mildly seasoned with Spices, and served with Kasundi (an Asian Mustard dip).


Beetroot Croquets (v, vgo))

Delicately spiced Beetroot crumb fried and served with Kasundi (an Asian Mustard dip) and garden fresh salad. Try it and share your inspiring tale. V,VgO           


5. Calamari Crumb fried

Some amazing crispy battered Calamari served with our amazing  garlic Aioli.


5. Tasting Platter

Chefs selection of four of the Entrée’s to share 


Chef Choice

Lamb Chops

Secret Spice rub Grilled Lamb Chops served with our version of Tzatziki, and Garden-fresh Salad. The spices have a blend of Moroccan and Indian Spices, aromatically superior, and mildly tangy .(lg)


Kerala Cocunut Curry

A simple dish made by the fisherman’s wife, with love and passion to keep her man by her side served with  coconut Rice. You can get it made Hot or mild. Just let your server know. lg

  • Vegetables (v,vgo)
  • Juicy Pan-fried Barramundi



Kebab Platter

Three Skewers of Lamb Kebab (amazing Moroccan spices, with garlic and Olive oil marinade) or Three skewers of Malai Chicken Kebab (Yogurt, Garam masala, chilies) served with Pita Bread with garden fresh Salad and our version of tatziki. LgO          


Khichudi (V,Vg)

Every Indian mom’s recipe for healing a child, this magical dish has amazing therapeutic value, made with lentils and almost mashed rice, with ginger, turmeric and a lot of love. We all love our mom… and we tried recreating this dish from her memories. Please choose from either  Lg

  • Pan-fried marinated eggplant 
  • Grilled Barramundi



Thai Red Curry (V, VgO)

with Vegetables or choice of Protein with Steamed Fragrant Rice. They say the story of this curry lingers all across the globe from Thailand. We recreated some fond memories of this beautiful gastronomical country

  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Vegetables (v,vgo)





Butter Masala with Peas Pulao

Butter chicken originated in Delhi, the capital territory of India, sometime during the 1950s at Moti Mahal Restaurant. The story goes, the cooks of Moti Mahal would mix leftover marinade juices with butter and tomato, and then stew the tandoor-cooked chicken in it .But it is an irrefutable truth of the world that often the best things in life are discovered quite by accident.

  • Chicken
  • Paneer



From the grill


“Galwati” means ” as soft as melt in the mouth.” Galawti kabab is one of the gems of Awadhi cuisine, and original recipe of Galawti is still a secret !! the hearsay is “the original recipe had 100 different spices that made the kebab truly flavorful.” We have tried to recreate the same soft silken texture in our kitchen with as little as 21 ingredients

You can choose from a variation on

  1. Red Kidney Beans V VgO
  2. Beef


Chargrilled Lamb kebabs

delicately marinated overnight with a blend of secret spices known only to our chef. We have more than 18 indigents in this Kebab. Served in skewers, enjoyed best with our hung flavoured yogurt and crispy shallots

You can choose from a variation on

  1. Red Kidney Beans V VgO
  2. Beef


Chicken Satay

Contemporary scholars say that the English word “satay” is derived from Indonesian: sate, and Malay: saté or satai. Most Southeast Asian countries have their own variations… try our own style 


Grilled Tandoori spiced Kebabs

very close to the ones yu get in traditional Indian Restaurants. We have our unique twists to it. Ask your server for details

You can choose from a variation on

  1. Paneer
  2. Chicken


Tandoori spice rubbed Fish

grilled to perfection served with Mint yogurt Chutney and Pickled Onions


Assorted Kebab Platter

Chefs Choice of Assorted Kebabs good for two to share



An Italian delicacy which rules over the world across all socio economic backgrounds, race, religion and age. Do try our style of Pizza’s

Gluten free base 11 inches: $5 extra

Vegan Cheese: $5 extra


The classic Napolitano Sauce Baked With Mozzarella And Basil  V, VgO



Shredded Ham, Bacon, Egg, Napolitano Sauce Baked with Mozzarella


BarBQ Chicken

Succulent Chicken Breasts Tossed With Bar BQ Sauce on  a Napoli base With Mozzarella


Chicken Tikka Masala

Grilled Chicken In Home Made Tandoori Marinade Baked With a Blend Of Masala Gravy And Napoli Sauce Topped With Tandoori Mayo And House Special Spices


Meat Lovers

Hot BBQ Chicken, Shredded Ham, Spicy Pepperoni, Bacon & Diced Onions


Paneer Tikka Masala

Grilled Paneer (Cottage Cheese) In Home Made Tandoori Marinade withTandoori Mayo And House Special Spices.(v,vgo)



Mediterranean Hot Pepperoni, Fresh Tomatoes, Basil, Feta, Roasted Peppers, Olives, And Herbs


Pasta: Choice Of Pasta

Fettuccini Or Spaghetti Or Penne


Add any Sea Food $3

Add any Vegetables $0.50

Add any Meat And Cheese $2

Aglio E Olio E Peperoncino

Lightly Sautéed Sliced Garlic In Olive Oil, Capers, Finely diced Onions, Red Chili Flakes, Tossing With Your Choice Of Pasta
V, VgO


Neapolitan Sauce

Neapolitan Sauce Is Simply Referred To As La Salsa, Which Literally Translates To The Sauce. Basil, Bay leaf, Thyme, Oregano, Peppercorns, Cloves, Olives, And Mélange Mushrooms  V, VgO


Arrabbiata Sauce

A Spicy Sauce For Pasta Made From Garlic, Tomatoes, And Dried Red Chili Peppers sautéed In Olive Oil.  Arrabbiata Literally Means “Angry” In Italian; The Name Of The Sauce Refers To The Spiciness Of The Chili Peppers.  V, VgO


Carbonara Sauce

A Rich, Creamy Sauce Of Eggs, Cheese, A touch of Black pepper and Garlic. Which We Add Bacon To And Make It A Tasty Delicacy. $17.00


Alfredo Sauce

 A Tableside Delicacy From The Restaurants Of Italy In the 1920s. Alfredo Is A Sauce Made from Rich Cream, Parmesan And Butter.



 A Sauce Made From Tomatoes, Minced Beef, Garlic, Wine And Herbs A Must Try From Food Tales Pizza And Pasta. 



(all Parma’s come with Salad and Fries)

Naked Schnitz

Schnitzel at it original best 


Classic Parma

Smoked Ham, Napoli sauce and Mozzarella


Food Tales Special Parma’s

Hawaiian Parma

Smoked Ham, Pineapple, Napoli sauce and Mozzarella


Mushroom Galore

 Mélange of Mushrooms Baked With Napoli Sauce And Mozzarella on a Parma


Kabali Chili Parma

Fiery green and red chili, with pickled jalapeno topped with Korma Curry Suace and Mozzarella


Kasha’s Vegie Parma

Spanish Onions, Colored Bell Peppers, Olives, Jalapeno’s With Butter masala curry Sauce And Mozzarella on a Parma



Steamed seasonal veggies, tossed with our special spices in olive oil V, Vg, lg


Food Tales Special Spiced Fries Beer Batter Fries V,Vg


Beer Batter Fries (v,vg)


Fragrant Steam Rice V,Vg


Greek Salad

Favorite across the globe, with beautiful tomatoes, kalamata olives, Lebanese cucumber, sliced Spanish onion and Feta with lemon infused dressing. V,Vg


Caesar Salad

Ceaser with Cos lettuce, bacon, ceaser dressing, crotons, soft poached egg. Created by restaurateur Caesar Cardini, an Italian immigrant who operated restaurants in the USA in the 1920s. We have tried to keep the same texture without the anchovies though. V,VgO, lgO   



Aunt Suzettes Brownies

Aunt Suzettes Brownies served with Hot Chocolate Fudge and Ice cream


Mud Cake

The all time decadent chocolate favorite, could be served warm or room temperature with a scoop of Ice cream


Sticky Date Pudding

Sticky Date Pudding with Butterscotch sauce and whipped Cream


Bowl of Vanila

Ice cream


Gajar ka Halwa (V, Lg)

Warm Indian Carrot Pudding served with Pistachios served with vanilla ice cream, and Praline



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